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More film reviews just for you!!

Invisible Stripes (1939) - ** 1/2. Pretty standard Warner Bros. crime melodrama with George Raft in one of his 'good guy' roles, young, awkward William Holden, fourth-billed Bogart, and Marc Lawrence, Lee Patrick, Leo Gorcey. Nice bank heist scene.
Piccadilly (1929) - ****. Luminous Anna May Wong plays the ultimate femme fatale (shades of Louise Brooks) in this British silent. German director Dupont's stylish flourishes and star Gilda Grey's clunky dancing give the film a campy air when Wong isn't on the screen. A beautifully tinted film with Charles Laughton as a drunk .
Grateful Dawg (2001) - ** 1/2. The musical kinship between David Grisman and Jerry Garcia is explored by family & friends. Most of the film is live performances and while I can appreciate the technical prowess of the band, watching it grew kinda tiresome. A musicologistic side of Garcia most people never saw.
The Dark Knight (2007) - ***. The accolades for Heath Ledger's demonic rendering of the Joker are well-deserved in this overlong version of Frank Miller's revamping of the Batman character. As superhero movies go, probably one of the best yet.

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Found Object #9

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Some movies and whatnot...

The Fourth Kind (2009) - *1/2. Aliens visit Nome, Alaska, or do they?? Flips annoyingly between "filmed testimony"with "real" victims and poorly directed dramatization with poor Milla Jovovich trying to lend credence to what comes across as bad History Channel conspiracy crap. This is barely a movie! Don't bother.
Politics (1931) - ** 1/2 . Marie Dressler runs for mayor of corrupt town. The always wonderful Ms. Dressler can make anything worthwhile, even this minor film with Polly Moran and Roscoe Ates.
The Unknown (1927) - ****. I've been dying to see this and it didn't disappoint. Probably the creepiest film ever made. Young Joan Crawford impresses as Lon Chaney's obsession. See this!
Point Blank (1967) - *** 1/2. John Boorman's best film is pure cinema. Lee Marvin's close mouthed loner adds volumes to brutal, mesmerising, crime drama. For film goers who don't want everything spelled out for them. Johnny Mandel's soundtrack should be reissued.

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Hound Dog Taylor.

Movie reviews for youse to peruse

Wild Boys of the Road (1933) - ****. William Wellman's emotionally charged Depression saga stars perennial sidekick Frankie Darro in his best role. Don't let the syrupy finale dampen a very moving film.
Marnie (1964) - ***. Masochistic armchair psychologist Sean Connery marries kleptomaniac Tippi Hedren to study her or drive her insane or cure her (which ever comes first) in Hitchcock's glossy overlong showcase for his stiff leading lady.
Zombieland (2009) - ** 1/2. A teen coming of age flick, except they're surrounded by zombies. The patented gore is fast paced and film has some funny bits but still the sweetest zombie film I've seen. Shoulda been edgier.
Peach O'Reno (1931) - ***. The raciest Wheeler & Woolsey film may also be their best. Bert Wheeler tap dances, waltzes, sings, plays violin, and wears woman's clothes (rather too convincingly). Inspired pre-code nonsense.

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"OOH baby, you can come to mama!"

Search For Beauty (1934) - ** 1/2. Pre-code shenanigans has Gertrude Michael gushing the top line while her binoculars zero in on swimmer Buster Crabbe's crotch. Cheese & beef cake abound in this naughty little time-killer. With a blond Ida Lupino, ditzy Toby Wing, and bare male butts.
Murder at the Vanities (1934) - ** 1/2. Pre-code backstage mystery with Gertrude Michael singing 'Sweet Marijuana', horny Toby Wing, ogling cop Victor McLaglen, Kitty Carlisle, Duke Ellington. Gals & gams galore!
Ghost Town (2008) - ***. Terrible title for this pleasant romantic comedy about a dentist who sees dead people. Ricky Gervais, Tea Leoni, Greg Kinnear somehow keep this fresh.
Hell Up in Harlem (1973) - *1/2. Tiresome, by the numbers Fred Williamson actioner benefits from Julius Harris as 'Big Poppa'. Gloria Hendry is under utilized as Fred's ex-squeeze.
Thieves Like Us (1973) - ***. Robert Altman's take on Edward Anderson's depression gangster tale has good period flavor, understated acting and lots of product placement for good ol' Coca Cola. They Live By Night is better, but this is worth seeing too.

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"Gear Guys & Fab Chicks!"

Jumbo Size Henry , April 1966. Art by (Bob?) Powell.