Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Movie reviews for youse to peruse

Wild Boys of the Road (1933) - ****. William Wellman's emotionally charged Depression saga stars perennial sidekick Frankie Darro in his best role. Don't let the syrupy finale dampen a very moving film.
Marnie (1964) - ***. Masochistic armchair psychologist Sean Connery marries kleptomaniac Tippi Hedren to study her or drive her insane or cure her (which ever comes first) in Hitchcock's glossy overlong showcase for his stiff leading lady.
Zombieland (2009) - ** 1/2. A teen coming of age flick, except they're surrounded by zombies. The patented gore is fast paced and film has some funny bits but still the sweetest zombie film I've seen. Shoulda been edgier.
Peach O'Reno (1931) - ***. The raciest Wheeler & Woolsey film may also be their best. Bert Wheeler tap dances, waltzes, sings, plays violin, and wears woman's clothes (rather too convincingly). Inspired pre-code nonsense.

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