Friday, December 11, 2009

More film reviews just for you!!

Invisible Stripes (1939) - ** 1/2. Pretty standard Warner Bros. crime melodrama with George Raft in one of his 'good guy' roles, young, awkward William Holden, fourth-billed Bogart, and Marc Lawrence, Lee Patrick, Leo Gorcey. Nice bank heist scene.
Piccadilly (1929) - ****. Luminous Anna May Wong plays the ultimate femme fatale (shades of Louise Brooks) in this British silent. German director Dupont's stylish flourishes and star Gilda Grey's clunky dancing give the film a campy air when Wong isn't on the screen. A beautifully tinted film with Charles Laughton as a drunk .
Grateful Dawg (2001) - ** 1/2. The musical kinship between David Grisman and Jerry Garcia is explored by family & friends. Most of the film is live performances and while I can appreciate the technical prowess of the band, watching it grew kinda tiresome. A musicologistic side of Garcia most people never saw.
The Dark Knight (2007) - ***. The accolades for Heath Ledger's demonic rendering of the Joker are well-deserved in this overlong version of Frank Miller's revamping of the Batman character. As superhero movies go, probably one of the best yet.

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