Friday, January 10, 2020

Back at the Chicken Shack 1/8/20 Playlist
83rd show

King Curtis - Whole Lotta Love
Rance Allen group - Just my salvation
Billy Ward & the Dominoes - Chicken blues

Ruby Winters - I Dont Want to Hurt Nobody
Silas & the Counts - Pass the Soul
Ben & Spence - Woman hang your Head in Shame
Roscoe  Robinson - You Dont Move Me No More
Bobby Boseman - Astrological Soul train
Wayne & the Velvetones - Ham sandwich twist

Sleepy LaBeef - Bottle Up & Go
Sleepy LaBeef  - All the Time
Sleepy LaBeef  - A Little Bit More
Sleepy LaBeef  - Ridin' Fence
Sleepy LaBeef  - I'm Through

Joe Hill Louis - Gotta Let You Go
John Lee Hooker - Have Mercy on Poor Me
Texas Ray - What's come over You
Billy Boy Arnold - Rockin i Tis
Kingfish Ingram - Fresh Out

Merle Haggard - I Cant Hold Myself in Line
Merle Haggard -  If I Left it Up to You
Merle Haggard -  Branded Man
Merle Haggard -  You Dont Have Very Far to Go
Merle Haggard -  Huntsville

Ethel Brown w/ Brother Woodman - Hot Mama 
Lobi Traore - deni Kelen be Koko
the Box Tops - Soul Deep

Mel Torme - Sunshine Superman
Felix & his fabulous Cats - Savage girl
the Pretenders - the Wait
Talking Heads - Crosseyed & Painless (live)

Johnny Winter - All Tore Down
Hot Tuna - I Wish You Would
Butterfield Blues band - Work Song

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