Thursday, October 31, 2019

Pre-Halloween Spectacular! Back at the Chicken Shack!
75th show

Vic Plati Quintet - the Chiller
Otis Redding - Trick or Treat
Mississippi John Hurt - Chicken

Buck Owens - Monster's Holiday
jackie morningstar - Rockin in the graveyard
johnny Fuller - Haunted House
Bob McFadden & DOR - the Mummy
the Weirdos - ESP theme from Shock Theatre

Bettye laVette - Witchcraft in the Air 
James Duhon -  Grave Yard Creep
Terry Teene - Curse of the Hearse
Bert Convy - the monster's Hop
the Executioners - the Guillotine

the Ghastly Ones - the Ghastly Stomp (everybody's doing it)
Carlos Casal jr - Dont meet Mr Frankenstein
Larry & Blue Notes - Night of the phantom
Bob Mcfadden - Frankie & Igor at a Rock n Roll party
Screaming lord Sutch & the Savages - Til the Following Night
Ralph Nieson & the Chancellors - Scream

Wolfman Jack w/ Bobby Fuller Four -  Wolfman
Bobby Bare - Vampira 
Eddie Thomas - Frankenstein Rock
the Moontrekkers - Night of the Vampire
Murray Schafe & the Aristocrats - Tombstone #9
Daron Daemon &the Vampires - Ghost Guitars

Ervinna & the Stylers - Witch Queen of New Orleans
Reed Willis - the Cat
Bobby Please & the Pleasers - the Monster
Skip Manning - Devil Blues
the Vettes - Devil's driver theme

Kiriae Crucible  - Salem Witch Trial 
the Graveyard Five - Marble Orchard
Scotty Stewart - Nightmare

Round Robin - the Wolfman
Jack & Jim - Midnight Monster's Hop
the castle kings - You can Get Him Frankenstein

Dr John - Season of the Witch

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