Thursday, January 24, 2019

Back at the Chicken Shack 1/23/19 Playlist
42th show

Orgy of the Dead soundtrack -"Some kind of college initiation"
George carlin - Son of WINO
Rex garden - This Chick

Benny Joy - I'm Gonna Move
Andy Starr - Just a  Walkin'
Chuck barr - Susie or Mary Lou
Milton Allen - Don't bug Me baby
walt Benson - Do it again

the Shakes Spears - I can't Tell
the Phantoms - Roadrunner
the Intimates - I've got a Tiger in my Tank
the Underdogs - Get Down on Your knees
the Crazy Teens - crazy date
John & Jackie - Little Girl
Gert Wilden - Dirty Boy

Georgie Fame - yea yea
Ray Charles - Mary Ann
Jimmy Castor bunch - It's just Begun
freedom Sounds - Soul Sound System

Robert Lee McCoy - Take it easy, Baby
Robert Lee McCoy - My Friends have Forsaken me
Robert Lee McCoy - Pepper Hot Woman
Robert Lee McCoy - Next Door Neighbor

Jazz Gillum - Reefer Head Woman
Jazz Gillum - Gillums Windy Blues
Jazz Gillum - Just Like jesse James

Bruce springsteen - the promised land
Tom waits - the Soul of a man
Paul Rishell & Annie raines - I'm Goin' Home
Arlo Guthrie - Down in the Valley to Pray
Norman Greenbaum - Spirit in the Sky

We Five - You were on My Mind
Lee Michaels - Love

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