Thursday, August 13, 2009

"I've been in the circus, I'm used to freaks."

Willie Dynamite (1974) - ** 1/2. Universal Studios tries to cash in on AIP's territory with fairly entertaining results. Willie's having a bad day with his stable and the heat is on. Was this supposed to be so funny??? Lots of familiar TV faces and Marcia McBroom (Beyond Valley of the Dolls) has about 2 lines.

Blondie of the Follies (1932)- ***.
Polly of the Circus (1932) - * 1/2.
Operator 13 (1934) - * 1/2.
Of these three Marion Davies films, Blondie is the best showcase for her comedic talents. Shares billing with luscious Billie (Howard Hughes' girlfriend) Dove in her last film. Davies plays Garbo to Jimmy Durante's Barrymore at a party.
Polly is an improbable romance between trapeze artist Davies and bishop Clark Cable. Irritating music underscores all of Marion's scenes, probably to help hide her lisp.
Operator is an unendurable Civil War romance with Marion in blackface. She says "yassah" alot and is constantly hit on by white soldiers. This film and Polly are prime examples of the kind of big budget dreck Hearst insisited Davies make, which is unfortunate because she's quite likable despite these trappings.

The Incredible Hulk (2008) - **. Usual effects-laden comic book theatrics, left open for a possible sequel. Oboy.

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  1. Haven't seen any of those Marion Davies, but I love her in The Patsy and Show People. I just got a copy of Not So Dumb that I'm looking forward to watching.