Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some recent viewing experience

The Filth & the Fury (2000)- ***1/2. As with the Joe Strummer film Temple tends to get a tad too 'cinematic' for my documentary tastes. Sometimes I just want talking heads, not a whole montage movie. I'm glad McLaren's importance was downplayed, bringing the focus to the music.

A Scanner Darkly (2006)- **. I spent most of my time wondering why they chose to animate this, then I was reminded of those rotoscoped commercials I hate. Maybe it was to make Downey, Harrelson, etc. look younger so we would buy them as stoner/slacker types.

Hells Heroes (1929)- ****. Sure all the cliches are there, this is where they were invented! First talkie version of Three Godfathers is the best. Film still retains silent cinema's majestic establishing shots, while Raymond Hatton & Fred Kohler are excellent supporting Charles Bickford through the desert. Early William Wyler.

Romance & Cigarettes (2005)- * 1/2. Just when I was about to enjoy this as some John Waters-like campy sex musical, it turns into this deadly cancer film. Literally feels like two completely different movies stuck together with tar. Cast appears to be having a blast in the first half with redheaded Kate Winslet! Yowza!

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