Thursday, January 15, 2009

More movies more fun

Breakheart Pass(1975) - ***. seeing Jodie Foster as Bronson in The Brave One made me yearn for the real thing. Basically "murder on the western express" but with good tight storytelling and great character actors. Tarentino should hire Ed Lauter for the roles he normally gives himself.

The Darjeeling Limited(2007) - **. Case in point. Another quirkfest from Wes Anderson, about brothers kibitzing on a train. The Coen brothers are the only directors who can make a movie about nothing. I wish everyone else would stop trying.

Decline of Western Civilization(1981) - ***. Finally saw it. Didn't know X got so much screen time.

Play It as It Lays(1972) - *. Moody murky piece of pretentious 70s drivel. Unfortunately it's not bad enough to be fun. Excruciating. Tuesday Weld is in it. She gets the star.

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