Thursday, June 21, 2018

Back at the Chicken Shack 6/20/18 playlist HD2

All Green Mountain Show!

Eddie Condon & his Band - I Aint Giving Nobody None of My jelly Roll
Louis Armstrong - Yellow Dog Blues
Ray garden - This Chick

gene ross - everybodys trying to kiss My baby
Curely Money - Chain gang Charlie
jesse lee turner - put me Down
??? - Little red Hen
carl mcAvoy - Little Girl

Willie Nelson - Uncloudy day
Emmylou Harris - 2 More Bottles of wine
Waylon jennings - Lovin Her was easier
wanda jackson - Right or Wrong
Gram parsons - In My Hour of darkness

the Emperors - My baby likes to Boogaloo
Oscar mack - Put out the fire (let me go)
 the Emperors - looking for My Baby
Ben & spence - Long Ago
the Emperors - Tic Tac Toe

Asie Payton - I Love You
Asie payton - Nobody but You
Joe Hudson & his Rockin Dukes - Hoo Wee Pretty Baby
King Karl - baby come to papa
Guitar gable/King Karl - Cool calm & collected
Lionel Torrence - Flim flam
carol fran - Knock knock
Charles Sheffield - The kangaroo
Asie payton - Skinny legs n all

Sugar Boy Crawford - Jock a Mo
Sugar Boy Crawford - She Gotta Wobble
Sugar Boy Crawford - Overboard
Sugar Boy Crawford - I dont need you
Sugar Boy Crawford - It's over

pure Food & drug Act - a Little Soul Food
Harvey mandel - Nashville 1am
pure Food & drug Act - What Comes Around Goes Around
harvey mandel - Snake

Skinny Dynamo - So long so long
Jimmy Smith - Back at the Chicken Shack