Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Avatar and three movies.

While the City Sleeps (1956) - **1/2. Odd film (for Fritz Lang) dealing with relationships in the newspaper biz against a serial killer backdrop. Real-life alcoholic Dana Andrews' character spends most of film drunk. Ida Lupino has never been trashier. Might've worked better as a snappier-paced comedy.
Avatar (2010) - ***. Since I only saw this for the incredible special effects, I wasn't expecting much of a story. Film satisfies on both accounts.
Little Cigars (1973) - ***. Gun moll Angel Tompkins (who's smokin' hot) hides out with a traveling midget troupe. (Penelope Pitstop & the Anthill Mob, anyone?) Good-natured time killer gives show-biz vets like Billy Curtis, Jerry Maren, & Felix (Cousin Itt!) Sillas leading roles. Earl ("I'll paint any car for $19.95!") Sheib's shop has product placement.
Steamboat 'Round the Bend (1935) - **1/2. Will Rogers matches wits with Irvin S. Cobb (popular humorist barely remembered today) on the mighty Mississippi. Stepin Fetchit speaks unintellgible, embarrassing gibberish. Abrubt ending due to Rogers' death before completion.