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Silent Screen Sketchbook Stuff

We Like Movies, oh yes we do!

Inglourious Basterds (2009) - ***. If Tarentino had scripted the end of WWII, you'd have this film, his best since Pulp Fiction. Even his penchant for redundant dialogue works here, especially in the barroom scene. Christoph Waltz deserves the Oscar as 'Jew Hunter' Hans Landa, the scariest character since Hannibal Lecter.
Whirlpool (1934) - **. Jean Arthur's the whole show in this contrived soaper. She's surrounded by stiffs like Jack Holt, Donald Woods, & John Miljan. Allen Jenkins is welcome comic relief as a hypochondriac mug.
Hell Ride (2008) - BOMB. Tarentino executive produced this horrible Larry(son of Joey) Bishop vanity project. Why this man gets to make films is beyond me. Even the gratuitous T & A doesn't help.
Planet of Blood (1966) - ***. (aka Queen of Blood) Low budget sci-fi is full of pleasant surprises. Garishly colored sets enhance usual alien-on-spaceship shenanigans. Dennis Hopper method acts his supporting role, and Florence Marty is a memorable 'queen'.

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