Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Found Object #9

New Pulp Items for sale on Ebay by Neverless33

Just read an entertaining piece on Howard Browne in http://www.pulpserenade.com. Coincidentally, I'm selling his stuff on ebay.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Some movies and whatnot...

The Fourth Kind (2009) - *1/2. Aliens visit Nome, Alaska, or do they?? Flips annoyingly between "filmed testimony"with "real" victims and poorly directed dramatization with poor Milla Jovovich trying to lend credence to what comes across as bad History Channel conspiracy crap. This is barely a movie! Don't bother.
Politics (1931) - ** 1/2 . Marie Dressler runs for mayor of corrupt town. The always wonderful Ms. Dressler can make anything worthwhile, even this minor film with Polly Moran and Roscoe Ates.
The Unknown (1927) - ****. I've been dying to see this and it didn't disappoint. Probably the creepiest film ever made. Young Joan Crawford impresses as Lon Chaney's obsession. See this!
Point Blank (1967) - *** 1/2. John Boorman's best film is pure cinema. Lee Marvin's close mouthed loner adds volumes to brutal, mesmerising, crime drama. For film goers who don't want everything spelled out for them. Johnny Mandel's soundtrack should be reissued.

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